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February 26, 2008

"This is the place to be"

I've heard about this spot before, but just came across it on YouTube. It's a promo for ABC's Fall 1971 television season. It has some crazy hypnotic graphics and a theme song as memorable as the one from "Cheers." It's impressive to me that if you read the comments, people really seem to have bonded with this message and still remember it, which is kind of creepy but really compelling to me from an advertising standpoint.

Listen to these people who still remember details about this ad almost 40 years later:

"have looked for this promo probably for the last 15 years. I was 10 years old and madly in love with Henry Fonda who is in this promo for the show "The Smith Family" which I never missed. I actually met a guy online about ten years ago in a trivia chat room who remembered the jingle and we called each other up ( he in NY and me in LA ) and sang the whole song! Thanks for posting this one." -totoro61

"Does anyone know who wrote this song? It's one of the finest music pieces any network ever commissioned for a Fall Season promotion. ABC had a winner on its hands with this spot. The fact that so many people remember the images and the music is a true testament to the talent of the creative team who produced this. ABC would be wise to revive the entire spot with the same soundtrack and just substitute its current lineup of shows for the ones featured here. THANK YOU for sharing this great film." -GoodguyNYS

"OMG, where was this found? I've been searching for this for years. Geez, that brings back memories. I was 11 and that house by the highway and the livingroom with that gorgeous console tv just waiting to be turned on to one of my favorite networks back then. Now 48, it feels like yesterday. Geez!" -Independentman41

What do you think? I'm actually thinking of the U2 3D IMAX movie they're playing down at the Aquarium. We went to see it the other day and towards the end there's this crazy visual effect with words and messages flashing on the screen, raining down from above, and zooming toward you. The messages combine and rotate and dissolve and lose their meaning, drawing you into a hypnotic state, all while Bono reaches out and programs something in your mind that I'm convinced we'll all find out about some day soon when a code phrase in the media triggers the brainwashed masses, who will have nothing in common besides the fact that they watched this U2 movie, but will all bond together as "One" and will overthrow President Bush and open the borders and we'll all be one big happy American family, North and South together for the first time. Coexist. Ahhhhh.

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